JustPark - Space Owners onboarding new flow

Redesigning the Onboarding Flow for Space Owners at JustPark.


JustPark, on a mission since 2006 to simplify parking, connects drivers seeking parking spaces with individuals willing to share their spaces. With over 10 million drivers finding simpler parking solutions through JustPark and over 25,000 space owners converting their driveways into revenue sources, the platform has revolutionized the parking landscape.

Identifying the Problem

The focus of this project was to redesign the onboarding process for space owners interested in listing their spaces on the platform. The prior onboarding flow was a cumbersome, lengthy page filled with numerous questions. This complexity led to high churn rates, incomplete listings, and frustration among both users and space owners. Users often complained about inaccuracies in space descriptions, photos not matching the actual spaces, or a complete lack of visual content.

Space owners also faced challenges; they sought guidance on optimizing their listings to increase bookings, but the process lacked clear instructions. It was apparent that a more user-friendly approach was needed.


The first step was to break down the onboarding process into smaller, more manageable steps. Each screen focused on a specific topic, from the type of space to its location and features, such as the availability of electric vehicle chargers. Additional screens addressed aspects like pricing, availability, and access instructions.


image Happy path for the onboarding flow. In total 7 steps.

To alleviate user stress during the onboarding process, an automatic progress-saving feature was introduced. Users could leave and return to the process at their convenience, making it more flexible. A progress bar was also implemented throughout the process to help users manage their expectations by tracking their progress.


Additionally, a final screen provided essential information on required actions for their listings to become visible to drivers. It also included tips to enhance the appeal of their listings, such as detailed information about electric vehicle chargers and the importance of high-quality photos.


image Review screen before sending the listing for approval.


One of the challenges we faced in this project was for edge cases like space owners wanting to list more than 1 space at the same time. It happens that sometime the same location can host 2 or more cars and makes sense to list multiple spaces at once to avoid repetition.

This can be fine most of the time, but sometimes both spaces are not the same size, being one of them smaller and creating potential issues with cars that wouldn’t fit.

To create a solution for these cases, we had to average the size of both spaces. A big car wouldn’t fit on an small space but a small car would fit without problems on a bigger space.